AUDIO: Edem – “Mood Swings” (EP)

Mood Swings

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Edem drops his much anticipated EP titled Mood Swings.

Growing up, the older generation was mandated with the sole duty of preparing the younger generation for the world ahead, how to navigate through the storms without being a liability to themselves and the world at large.

Parents made conscious efforts to inculcate some basic but strong principles in life of their children so it could guide them for the rest of their lives.

The story isn’t far from that of the illustrious Ghanaian musician, Edem, who is known mainly for his Rap competency and his proficiency with the local Ghanaian dialect, Ewe.

Also like most people, Edem shares an unbreakable bond with his late mum with lessons taught him leaving an indelible mark in his life and his new EP, Mood Swings.

Speaking to Edem in an interview, the brilliant musician clearly drew the line connecting these values from his mum taught him, using colours as reference on his yet to be release EP.

Beautifully representing each mood with a color, the songs on the EP, from Love You, Kpo, Money, Efo Kojo, In Ghana and Chidi, colourfully comes together as an embodiment of whom Edem is.

Download, Enjoy & Share!


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