AfroBeats act Scrip-T shares sorrowful sentiment on alarming rise in skin bleaching


Medical practitioner cum musician Scrip-T has taken to social media to register his thoughts on the rate at which some black skin ladies tend to bleach/tone their skin just to become fair.

The issue of skin bleaching has become a worrisome menace in Africa and the world at large wit lots of celebrities and organizations speaking against it.

The Gimme Joy hitmaker shared a video of what is supposedly an instant bleaching process where a black lady is submerged in some slimy liquid and her dark skin is been scraped off revealing the white layer.

He said, “Put down the bleach my Black QUEEN. Your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned out like yesterday’s shirt. You are comprised Sienna, chestnut and warm mahogany. Dark as the night sky, constellations are tucked neatly underneath your bones. Your skin reminiscent of the hot chocolate that warms winter nights. Like rings around a tree stump, you too have history etched into your MELANIN. DON’T LET THE GLARING WHITENESS, BLIND YOU FROM THE BEAUTY YOU ARE. ❤�� #musicson”

As a registered nurse, Scrip-T is definitely in the right position to advise against such practices due to its side effects.

Born Gabriel Asare, the 2018 VGMA20 Unsung nominee has been on promoting of his new song titled Mouth Okro.

Listen Below

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